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IQCrew, Inverted, Microscope, STEM, kids, science, experiments, fun, gift, magnification, experimentIQCrew, Inverted, Microscope, STEM, kids, science, experiments, fun, gift, magnification, experiment

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,educational,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning, funIQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,educational,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning, fun

A perfect, easy-to-use microscope for youngsters & younger adults!

IQCrew’s Science Discovery Collection is designed to encourage children to be told extra about science. Microscopes are vital equipment which lend a hand youngsters perceive science and nature through permitting them to peek into the microscopic global, which is why they’re a typical element of STEM curricula. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and plenty of extra fields depend on microscopes to know how issues paintings. It is the very best present for girls and boys of every age, offering never-ending hours of amusing to your budding scientist.

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,magnification,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning,zoom

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,magnification,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning,zoom

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,lighting,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning, LED,lamp

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,lighting,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning, LED,lamp

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,specimen,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning, stage

IQCrew,Inverted Microscope,science,toys,specimen,STEM,high-quality,discovery,gift,learning, stage

Magnifications: 40X, 100X, and 200X!

The fine quality lenses supply true optical magnification, from 40X to 200X. The usual interchangeable eyepieces permit for an excellent wider vary of magnifications.

Uniform Trend with LED Illumination

The integrated illumination can create very attention-grabbing results, akin to dark-field or indirect lighting fixtures.The low-heat LED gentle is secure, long-lasting, and sturdy.

Twin utilization with slides and liquids

Our new inverted design supplies a large benefit over typical microscopes, through permitting each conventional specimen slides and liquids for use.

Beneficial Equipment

AmScope Clean Slides and Duvet Slip

AmScope 200 Ready Slides

AmScope 1.3MP USB Digicam

AmScope 5.0MP USB3.0 Digicam

Slides Preparation Equipment




The inverted design means that you can view a greater diversity of specimens than typical, upright microscopes, together with usual slides, liquids, crystals, and a lot more!
The fine quality lenses supply true optical magnification, from 40X to 500X, with two eyepieces for a much broader vary.
The bundle comprises 25 professionally-prepared slides with various specimens to view.
The International of the Microscope is a beautifully-illustrated guide that may lend a hand information first-time customers throughout the historical past of microscopes, and find out how to carry out some experiments proper at house.

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