Undertaking Mc2: Good is the New Cool

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McKeyla McAlister: sensible chief and savvy particular agent for NOV8
Adrienne Attoms: culinary chemist and candy scientist
Bryden Bandweth: generation guru and social media maven
Camryn Coyle: development queen and engineer extraordinaire

ADORABLE PRINCE XANDER is coming to the city for his release into outer area―and the scholars of Maywood Glen Academy can’t prevent speaking about it. No person even notices the mysterious new lady, McKeyla McAlister, who enrolls simply ahead of the large match.

The neatest women in class―Adri, Bry, and Cam―assume McKeyla is for sure I.A.W.A.T.S.T.―Attention-grabbing And Bizarre At The Similar Time. They uncover she is an agent for NOV8 (that’s Innovate), a best secret group of tremendous good girls, and her task is to stay the prince protected!

With the assistance of top tech units, cool culinary chemistry, and a few superior teamwork, those women would possibly simply save the arena.

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According to a NETFLIX unique sequence.
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