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The crucial undercover agent toolkit will get a deadly new glance, with logo new devices and a fab new Undercover agent Ear snooping software! Need to be a grasp of espionage? Then you will have gotta have it! This top-secret, ultra-hi-tech briefcase is our final bestseller – and it is simply were given even higher! The upgraded devices have the entirety you wish to have to move undercover and ensure suspects cannot shake you off their tail! There are binoculars to provide you with sight as sharp as a hawk, and rear-view glasses that hide you AND help you see what is going on in the back of you. Plus the cool new Undercover agent Ear software, the place you fake to be casually paying attention to your headset – however actually you might be eavesdropping on baddies from a number of metres away! Undercover agent Briefcase contents: secret missions report, Undercover agent Ear software, binoculars and rear-view glasses.

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