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Hello Undercover agent Ninjas! We’ve got a distinct covert venture that we’re excited to have your assist with. We will have to defeat Undertaking Zorgo by way of infiltrating their headquarters. Enclosed now we have equipped pieces so that you can pass undercover, in hide as a hacker, that will help you sneak your approach into the Black Pyramid. Excellent Success and Kick Bump!

Cross undercover as a hacker in Undertaking Zorgo to assist infiltrate their group and assist the Undercover agent Ninjas!
Features a Undertaking Zorgo Hacker Masks and a Undertaking Zorgo Voice Morpher to assist hide you right through your venture!
The Infiltration Challenge Equipment supplies the whole lot you wish to have to hide your self as a real Hacker with a Hacker ID Card, Certificates and different equipment to hide your true identification!
Challenge Equipment Comprises: Undertaking Zorgo Masks, Undertaking Zorgo Voice Morpher, Decoder Wheel, Codebreaking Information Job E-book, Proof Detection Information Job E-book, Undertaking Zorgo Pocket book, Undertaking Zorgo Pencils, Undertaking Zorgo Club ID Card, Undertaking Zorgo Certificates of Success, Undertaking Zorgo Decoder Card, and extra!
Assist the Undercover agent Ninjas tackle Undertaking Zorgo!

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