July 20, 2024

Awesome cool gadgets

Every leap in technology brings great benefits to humanity. It also brings with it cool gadgets for us to enjoy. With the many technological advancements that we have seen lately, this means that we have many countless cool gadgets at our disposal. With the work we’ve done, you’ll not only have tons of gadgets at your disposal, but also at your fingertips, as we’ve put them here for you to find. Take a look and find the ones that are meant to be yours.

Floating Plate

Make guests think there’s a gravity drift in your house or that you’re doing a Jedi mind trick with a floating slab. With the help of electromagnetic suspension you can now present your dishes not only tasteful but also stylish. Just in case you’re worried that the gravity drift or Jedi mind trick might go awry, don’t worry, these plates are not only lightweight, but also unbreakable.

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Live Video Broadcaster

Want to share or broadcast video in real time? You don’t have to worry. Freecast allows you to broadcast high quality video directly from your HDMI camera directly to social media from anywhere. Now you have endless options to take the video you planned or even the one you didn’t and share it live with your audience. All you need to do is connect your camera to the Freecast transmitter and send the real-time video to your Freecast receiver. Your Freecast receiver connects to your iOS device or any monitor via HDMI. Find her this cool gadget and start broadcasting today.

Modular iPhone Case

Don’t strain your pocket any longer! Protean claims to be the thinnest modular iPhone battery case. This case has a built-in turbo battery that doubles your phone’s charge and the ability to swap MagTec accessories, which allows you to attach all your paired accessories. You can even make your own magnetic accessories to attach to your phone! cool feature in this case is the everywhere mounting system. Protean has an all over mounting system less than 2mm thin that can support up to 8 times the weight of the iPhone 7. The mounting system is made of rare earth magnets housed in a housing with industrial 3M adhesives that leave no residue. Give your pockets the rest they need and take this iPhone case for a test drive.

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Awesome cool gadgets

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