June 14, 2024

Best 3 Wood Working Tools For Beginners DIY

This post is really going to serve to answer a question about 3 best Wood working Tools. I get a ton and that’s what I should get when I get into woodworking. So I’m only going to cover power tools. I’m going to make a separate blog about hand tools. But this one sticks to some basic power tools.

1 circular saw

So let’s get started first. First, I have a circular saw and it is a cordless circular saw. I am a big fan of cordless tools. You may have noticed that I taped all the branding here. This blog brand agnostic is intended as a kind of brand agnostic, so you can choose your own brand, do your own research. I think it usually comes down to what your budget is and which brand fits into your budget.

So just do your research there and pick a brand that works for you. Anyway, this is a cordless circular saw 1 of best from Wood working Tools, which I’m a big fan of cordless tools. Battery technology has come a long, long way in the past five to ten years. And honestly, they are incredible. If I was just starting out I would highly recommend just buying a combo kit that includes something like a circular saw, jigsaw, impact driver, that sort of thing.

And those usually come with a few batteries and a charger. That way, while you’re working with one tool, you can charge another battery. So if it runs out, just swap them out and keep working. Cordless tools are just super handy, you don’t have to drag a power cord and the power is pretty comparable to corded tools these days. So I would definitely recommend you a cordless circular saw. It is one of the more versatile tools in the store.

It’s great for ripping sheet metal, as well as ripping regular standard wood. Also cross section. You can even cut circles with circular saws if you have the right Jiegu for it. So very, very versatile tool and is very mobile and you can bring the tool a bit to the workpiece instead of having to drag it on something like a table saw or something like that. So a few features you’ll want to look for in a circular saw and most will have them is that you can set the depth for your blade.

 Straight jig

That way, you can do things like half-round joinery and want to be able to set a Bevill angle as well. This way you can cut angled edges. Maybe you’re making a tabletop and want to lighten up the look at the top. You can have some sort of Bevill on the bottom. Those are some really basic features. Some accessories to consider with a circular saw are a straight jig. Whether you buy that or make it, they’re pretty easy to make.

So you can cut things the way she does, very accurate, very straight, nice and square. And that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to mounting. I would also recommend picking up a knife specifically for the type of material you will be cutting. Wood Working Tools.

This works really well for everything from sheet metal to solid wood. If you’re going to be working with a lot of sheet metal or laminate and things like that, you’ll want to look for a specific blade that will help with cutting, tearing and things like that, especially against the standard blade that will come on many circular saws.

That will be like a construction oriented knife and it will just rip the veneer off your plywood or your laminate, that sort of thing, very, very easily. And it’s going to look really bad. A good saw blade makes a huge difference in a circular saw. So besides that, I mean, circular saws are pretty simple. I definitely recommend checking out the used market in your area, be it Craigslist or eBay. Even Goodwill has power tools sometimes and you can get these things for very, very cheap.

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2 Cordless drill

Let’s go to number two. And we have an exercise that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The drill is one of the most useful tools in woodworking, you can of course drill holes with it, but you can also do quite a bit of joinery with it. Well, that’s just basic. But connections connected with screws or pocket holes or dowel joinery, there really are a lot of options out there. And drilling holes is just one of the tasks that you will do on any project.

Very good idea to buy a good, sturdy drill if you are going to work cordless on your circular saw, I definitely recommend a cordless drill 2nd of best from Wood Working Tools. It’s on the same battery platform again. This way you can swap the batteries back and forth. A few things to consider with a power drill. If you have a shop with concrete walls like I do, I would definitely recommend that you just buy an impact drill. And that means it has a mode meant for drilling into masonry.

It actually hammers on it a bit as it drills and allows you to drill into concrete much easier. And so if you have a shop with concrete walls, you will inevitably want to hang something on those walls and drill holes in the walls to put fasteners in. It’s going to make your hard life a lot easier. If you don’t have concrete walls, you don’t plan on working with concrete. You can probably skip the impact drill. Some other nice features are variable speed.

This way you can adjust the speed when you drill in different types of materials. If you want to drill with a good coupling, you can adjust the coupling when you screw in screws. So that way you don’t strip them out and a good battery you know you’re going to do it. Using the drill in and out, especially on a project where you drill a lot of holes, will burn batteries pretty quickly, so a nice, large capacity battery will be great on a drill.

Drill Press Accessories

A few drill press accessories that I would recommend is something like the Thing. It’s a counter voice. This is a pretty chic from Amanah, but there are definitely a lot of cheaper options. I like this one because you can set the depth so that when you get really clean, consistent looking counter draw coals, your piece really does look a lot nicer. But it also helps to reduce splitting, especially in hardwoods. With that counter, some say the screw can be flush with the surface without the wood cracking a bit when you try to drive it. Wood Working Tools.

So countersuing is an accessory. I definitely recommend that another would be some sort of mold for joinery. So that could be a dowel jig like I have here. This is a Rosler Dowland mold. These things only cost thirty bucks and come with a drill with a deep stop so you can do all kinds of Dallal joinery that way. An inexpensive bag, the whole mold would be another great option, just something that allows you to make stronger connections.

Still with just a drill which will be a very good investment early on. It allows you to build projects. It looks much cleaner with no visible screws and they would last much longer. So besides a drill, if you buy a set like I had it before,

Cordella often states that they will come with an impact wrench. And I find the impact driver to be one of the most useful tools especially when used along with the drill because you can drill the holes with the drill and then drive in your fasteners with the impact driver and the impact drivers are great.

If you’ve never used one, I highly recommend trying one. They are super, super powerful. A lot of them have variable speed settings so you can dial it in a bit, say if you’re working with some fragile screws like brass screws or something like that, really helped keep it from coming out. And it’s just really nice not to have to switch bits between drilling holes and driving screws. So I think these two together, I would highly recommend.

Usually, if you are going to buy a wireless set, they come with both. Okay.

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3 Jigsaw

Before we get to power tool number three on the list, so next on the list is the Jigsaw. So I think of the Jigsaw almost like a hand-held band saw. It allows you to cut curves and cut non-straight lines very, very easily and it’s just a very versatile tool, it is 3rd of best Wood Working Tools.

You can get into some tighter spots than with a circular saw just because it’s a lot less wide. The footprint is a lot smaller and you can also swap out the blades to cut a lot of different materials. So here’s just a standard wood saw blade now. But I have blades for all kinds of different materials. This one is for a thin type of sheet metal. I’m honestly not a big fan of this particular Jigsaw. I find it hard to keep this base straight so I would definitely check the base when you buy the Jigsaw and make sure it’s nice and solid when you put it in place.

A few other features, many Jigsaw’s have different oscillating modes that will help you get through the material a little faster, but it will usually result in a slightly rougher cut. So that’s a mode I don’t really use much. Honestly, there’s another mode where it actually blows the dust out of the way while you’re cutting. So if you use a jigsaw, the dust will often build up where you are cutting it.

It will be difficult to see the line. So that’s a really nice feature. Some Jigsaw have an area in the base where you can place some sort of splinter guard. So again, if you cut something like plywood or laminate or melamine, something with a thin veneer on top, that will help reduce chipping and splintering and stuff like that. So that’s another great feature to have as well. The most important accessories with the jigsaw are really just the blade.

I don’t think there are a ton of other Jigsaw accessories I would recommend. Just buy a good quality blade that is suitable for the materials you want to cut.

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