April 23, 2024

10 ideas that will make your Christmas unforgettable this season

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an important festival for the Christians, but nowadays even the non-Christians take an active part in the festival and celebrations.

December is a month of goodwill and happiness, so Christmas is welcomed with great joy and excitement by people all over the world. It is known as the festival that brings families together and encourages gatherings and celebrations. The festival involves making special treats and candies for all loved ones with decoration of the Christmas trees with ornaments, wreaths, candy canes, lights and ribbons. People cheerfully wear new clothes and decorate their houses.

Christians believe that if they follow Jesus, they will be blessed and the darkness in their lives will disappear with his light. Therefore, Christmas is celebrated on that day. Jesus is believed to be the son of God. He is equally loved by all men. At Christmas, people purify their souls and seek the blessings of God. It’s a great time for self-healing.

Today, Christmas is not only family gatherings, but also a children’s celebration. Kids look forward to receiving gifts from Santa Claus who is known as Santa Claus and is a protector for the little ones.

The Christmas tree is the main attraction of this beautiful festival which is decorated with a shiny big star on the top of the tree.

What to do during this holiday season

1. Get cozy and watch a Christmas movie – Elf, It’s a wonderful Life, The Holiday, The Santa Claus. you need to add at least one of these Christmas classics to your Netflix queue in December!

2. Decorate your homes – Decorate your homes with Christmas trees and decorations that make your mood festive and enlightened. Your decorations are not meant to be luxurious, it is meant to bond with your family and friends.

3. Make a Holiday Drink – The best way to warm up this holiday season is to make classic hot chocolate that every member of the family in your house will love. Add mini marshmallow or a candy cane to make it pure bliss.

4. Drive around and look at the Christmas decorations – Enjoy how beautiful your surroundings look for Christmas when it is lit up at night, and argue about whether white lights or colored lights are more beautiful. Make the most of the moment!

5. Visit Santa at the mall – For all parents with toddlers, this is the best way to make your child happy by giving them the perfect Christmas feeling where they can go to a real Santa and you become the best parent ever!

6. Attend or Throw a Christmas Party – It’s time for some Christmas themed parties, so take off your Santa hats or reindeer horn bands that will turn any Christmas party into a grand celebration and spend some fun but quality time with family and friends.

7. Do a Secret Santa Exchange with friends – Gather a large group of friends, pick names from a hat, and stick to a manageable price cap (perhaps Rs500). Depending on your friends, you can stick with gifts that are sweet and sentimental and make it a memorable Christmas Eve!

8. Make cool crafts and decorations – Make some cool Christmas DIYs that you can use for your Christmas decorations (plenty of ideas online) and bring out your creative side!

9. Bake up some goodies – Spend an afternoon baking cookies and trying out new recipes in addition to family favorites. Be sure to save some to enjoy later, but consider giving cookies as gifts as they are known for bonding.

10.Send wishes to distant relatives and friends – Send greetings online to everyone you love, but who are unfortunately far from you with voice calls / video calls and spread the love!

Christmas Memorable This Season

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