April 23, 2024

7 Easy Steps to Make Awesome Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are decorative round flower garlands that can be hung around a room door, entrance or ensemble around inanimate objects. Their festive look greets big parties and festivals with warmth. Fresh Christmas wreaths can be used as:

Decorative pieces for weddings or other events

Furniture Accessories
A symbol of respect for guests
In some religions even used to honor gods
Wreaths can be made from freshly picked red roses, usually used by the bride and groom at weddings.

Here are a few easy steps to make wreaths from rose petals:

Gather all the materials you need. This includes roses (red, pink, yellow, any color of your choice), decorative ferns, green leaves, chains or threads, needles and scissors.

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First, pluck the petals from the roses. Clean them of any dirt and insects. Make sure they are free of thorns and stems.


Prepare the needle and thread according to the size of the garland you want to make. Roll a few petals, insert a needle, then add more petals. After filling the needle with the petals, push the bundle to the end of the thread. Now add the ferns or green leaves of your choice. And then repeat.

Christmas wreath

Use the rose petals in alternative colors to make the Christmas wreath more colorful and attractive. Add yellow rose petals in a circular motion for a short length, then add layers of leaves and ferns. Then add the dark red rose petals to the garland. Now add the pink rose petals after another layer of leaves and ferns.

After finishing a semicircle, so half of the thread, you now have to work on the other length. You have to make sure that you have a symmetrical design. The center of the garland will contain ferns and then the order of the flowers will be similar to the one on the other side.

To add more bling to your Christmas wreaths, you can add beaded chains to them. You can add the beaded chain to the end of the thread with a rosebud. Close the thread through the rosebud by tying a knot in it. With this you finish your garlands with rose petals. They make beautiful wreaths and accessories, with natural perfumes and refreshing effect.

To make fresh Christmas wreaths, there are a few things to keep in mind. The roses you use should not have finished flowering completely. This makes the garlands firm and keeps them fresh. If garlands are made for an event, roses should not be received 2 days before the event. If the garlands are made slightly before the event, they can be refrigerated for preservation. This way they stay fresh for 24 to 48 hours to be prepared for an event. You can also make the wreaths in the same color.

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Christmas Wreaths


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