June 14, 2024

Technology and its impact on the travel industry

Humans are very intelligent to adopt new technology quickly. When technology was out of the picture, we handled everything manually, but technology has revolutionized the way we work, speak; managing our daily activities, both in our personal and professional lives.

If we consider the travel industry here, when information technology was not introduced, every travel company followed the traditional way of doing business. Processes they need to handle are multiple, such as ticket booking, tour marketing and promotions, ticket cancellation, accounting tasks such as invoice generation, balance sheet entries, cash statements, etc. follow up with current customers and much more. It becomes very difficult to manage everything manually without using any technology.

Information technology is the biggest change any company has been looking for. Imagine if it wasn’t for IT, travel agents were doing a lot of paperwork. Every detail has to be entered on paper, which was a very tedious and time consuming task. Marketing used to be done in a traditional way like advertising on television, radio, billboards, which would cost much more than it does now. Due to a poor internet connection and lack of internet knowledge, travel agents had to call every current and potential client in person, we can’t even imagine how hectic that would be and there are always chances of forgetting attempting a call to the important clients as we are people and not machines.

When it comes to the accounting tasks involved in the travel industry, and managing every record book transaction that takes place between the travel company and its suppliers, outside agents are a major hassle and prone to human error. But now thanks to the advanced technology that made all these tasks very easy with its effective automated functions.

The internet connection allows travel agents to take it to the next level by creating an interactive website packed with great photos to attract customers. Many social tour groups have been set up to promote travel, share their travel experiences and important tips, spread positive word of mouth about tourist attractions and the full credit goes to the internet for enabling multiple social media for travel companies to take advantage of by promoting their travel activities.

The birth of information technology has completely abandoned paperwork as computer systems are now available to create, store, process and retrieve valuable data when needed. The technology we’ve discussed so far is to manage Travel Company’s external operations, but what about managing internal business operations that we have just discussed. Travel agency software is the perfect answer. Travel agency software is another yet very important and powerful travel technology that takes full control of the travel industry’s internal process management. It is a very effective technology that applies to small to large travel companies. Let’s take a closer look at the multiple processes it efficiently simplifies:

CRM: customer relationship management

  • Unlimited Request Management
  • Follow-up management
  • route building
  • Customized quotation management
  • Easy connectivity with customers
  • Automatically generate service vouchers

Accounts & Finance: Travel agency software automatically generates:

  1. Proforma invoice
  2. Final invoice
  3. Tax percentage
  4. Receipts
  5. P&L bookings
  6. Balance sheet items
  7. Cash book/bank book
  8. Credit note/debit note

B2B (Supplier Management):

  • Individual login at the multiple suppliers
  • Easy channel management
  • Built-in FIT tour estimator calculator

MIS reports: it automatically generates:

  • Tour report
  • Accounts Report
  • Business Report
  • HR report

Despite the above features, it does much more beyond our imagination. Travel agency software makes the travel process more efficient, effective and accurate, reduces administrative and operational costs, speeds up processes and minimizes delays with its automated features, increases productivity, provides quick notifications, reminders and alerts, and most importantly provides real-time business information and generates revenue for travel organization.

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